Saturday, October 24, 2009

I want my Comcast...

I'm sitting here on a quiet, peaceful Saturday morning in my house (wondering where the cats took off too) and I just heard a commercial (listening to the radio). In this uncertain economy, when so many people are concerned about their finances, what does Comcast do? They raise their customers rates. That's about the gist of what was said.

I called Comcast last month when I first heard that rates would go up and the customer service agent went over my account line by line to show me where I'd see increases. It amounted to a couple bucks a month. This is just one example of the fantastic customer service I've always received from Comcast. I've been a customer for eons, moving from place to place, always taking my receivers with me, which reminds me, I need to drop them off next week. Don't let the commercials fool you.

Direct TV is in the house adding a new DVR receiver and upgrading our system. I'm not sure what that last part means except that it won't cost anything extra.

I can't help but feel a little out of sorts. I know it's ridiculous to love television so much and I know that I watch entire too much. I miss The Daily Show and South Park. I didn't get to see Grey's Anatomy, Hereos, or the Dollhouse this week. I have no idea what's happening with the Real Housewives of Atlanta and I missed Lie to Me and all of my CSI shows.

If I had Comcast, some of these are on the On Demand menu. The week with television hasn't been too bad. I'm completely unpacked, I've been able to catch up with my social networking, I have a pile of books to read, and I've rediscovered radio. All in all, a good week and the boyfriend has agreed that Comcast can come back once his contract runs out or when we move to our new home, whichever comes faster.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Adventures in moving, blog posts...

I posted several blog posts about the move to my boyfriend's place on my Pet Photography's the LINK!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm screaming inside (and a little outside too)

When a couple makes the decision to live together it should be a happy time. I was looking forward to selling our places and house hunting with my boyfriend. But the economy sucked the life out of our happy time and we had to start tapping the breaks.

The economy sucks. Thankfully we still have great jobs. There are hundreds and hundreds of homes on the market, but when you add in our list of requirements that list dwindles down to NOTHING. Well, very few homes.

The homes that we love either fly off the market (we still have one home to sell) or they're priced too high. So many people leveraged their homes in a over stated market and now have two choices, find someone who can afford their over priced home or give it back to the bank. We don't want to pay too much, but we also don't want to deal with the mad tangle of short sales and foreclosures.

It's frustrating. It's exhausting. It's sooo not romantic. But at least we have a break, we're going to enjoy the holidays and each other and our kitties and try again in the spring.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

And the move has started...

Today my boyfriend and I started moving my stuff to storage - my garage is so clean and empty, come to think of it, my place is looking a little sparse in areas too. My boyfriend has a 12 year old son. At twelve years old he knows a lot and I'm amazed at his endless patience in dealing with a group of short sighted adults who are soooo uncool.

Do you remember twelve? Do you remember how you knew everything? Do you remember your inability to allow adults to have a conversation without interrupting? Do you remember how you'd die if you didn't get the latest this or that? I remember these things and those memories dance around my head when I hear "soooorrrryyyyyyy" or "oookaaaayyyyyy" or the mumbling as they walk away, because twelve year olds HAVE to have the last word.

Recently we went to the Sequim Animal Park. The twelve year old wanted to go to the petting farm at the end, but we didn't have time. We parked outside the restrooms and went in; since he was going to stay with the car, we left it unlocked, my purse and camera equipment were sitting in the front, the navigational was on the dash. As we're walking out of the restroom, the kid is halfway to the petting zoo. "Where are you going? All of our stuff is unsecure in the car." "Ummm, the restroom." He did an about face and went to the restroom. I'm certain I did something similar frequently (sorry, Mom).

His inability to listen, to follow instructions, and his frequent sarcasm, arguing, and talking back had me a little freaked. I've never lived with a child before and the idea of living with a pre-teen who is in the midst of a hormonal break down some days is frightening. So my boyfriend and I had that talk and then he brought the kid down to help us move (he didn't help) and he was great, and he listened, and we had a great time. He's a fun kid, and so much fun to talk to, and I do not envy the era that he's about to enter, because adolescence sucks!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Comcast, On Demand, I'll Miss You...

I watch a lot of television. A Lot. Double Underline, Bold, All Caps, Scarlet Red - A Lot.

Here's my short list...Heroes, Lie to Me, Life, Housewives of Atlanta, Grey's Anatomy, CSI (Vegas, Miami, New York), Law & Order (just the original), Oprah on Fridays, Drop Dead Diva, South Park, Family Guy, Project Runway, The Hills, The City, Numbers, Inside the Actors Studio...

Just to name a few. Hence my glorious, lovely DVR.

Four the past 4 years, only my girlfriends knew of my television habit, because we occasionally dish about our shows. But as my boyfriend and I are getting ready for the Big Move, he's is starting to become aware, and comment, and judge.

This is my first sacrifice. Not TV, but Comcast. I love that I have the DVR. I love that I can troll the On Demand menu for shows that I missed, because you can only DVR so much. I love the free movies, the Starz Early Premieres. I love Fear Channel. I love Adult Swim and Bridezilla. I love Animal Planet and History Channel. And I know that all of these are offered by Direct TV, but I like to watch it as the mood strikes - only Comcast allows this.

Today I called to cancel my Comcast. I was expected to commiserate with the customer service person about how horrible it is that I'm moving to a Direct TV household. I was even hoping to receive an offer to buy us out of the last few months of that contract so that I can bring Comcast with me. What did I get? "Good luck with the move." That's it! I know that's nice. Comcast isn't obligated to offer me anything. Or ARE they? I've been a loyal company since before they were Comcast. I love love love On Demand. I want to stay!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Men's Brains vs Women's Brains...

I found this on a blog by Cindy Holman that I follow and it's a hilarious explanation of why we're different.

With him comes the family...

Have you ever wondered why a woman doesn't just leave an abusive situation? All she has to do is call a couple of friends over to keep watch while she packs and...

find a place to stay with enough room for her, the kids, and the pets; come up with first, last, and damage deposit for this place that takes lots of pets; rent a moving truck and have enough friends available to help you move

by the way, you're doing this under a barrage of abuse, threats, and a lovely pity party

if the kids are school aged, then either this has drastically limited your choice in homes (which is already limited by the fact that you need so much space, it needs to accept pets, and you're on a budget), because you'll want to keep them in the same school district (at least keep something the same); if staying in the school district isn't a possibility, then you'll have to uproot your kids from their school too and if school's already started, then that's another hardship to deal with

by the way, you're husband is probably threatening suicide now and blaming you

when you have a family, you adopt pets; landlords are wary of pets, because of the damage they can do to a home and yard so they either say NO to pets or they require a spendy, nonrefundable, damage deposit, if you're on a budget, can you afford another deposit; but pets are family members too so you can't leave them behind with the abuser

by the way, your husband has been unpredictable and threatening physical abuse, so are you sure he won't hurt the pets

what if you have a business, a new business? this life interruption may damage the progress you've made, because you may have to take off a week or two to get everything settled; clients are hard to come by with heavy competition and a down economy, so this needs to be handled with kid gloves

by the way, your husband has access to your client files, website, and other marketing materials and threatens to ruin your reputation

if you're like me, then you have no experience with domestic violence, not even in the peripheral; how do you support someone going through something like this? how do you deal with their wishy-washy demeanor when it comes to dealing with this overwhelming list of things to do? how does the wife ask for help and support while standing tall on her own?